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Specifications A-Scan:
Scan Modes: Direct Contact/Immersion
5 Examination Modes: Review Cataract Dense Cataract Aphakic Pseudophakic (5 settings) Manual Screen for A-Scan Measurement
Measurements Individual Average ACD Lens Vitreous and AXL Zone Velocities with Standard Deviations
Specifications: Clinical Accuracy ±0.1mm Electrical Accuracy ±0.032mm Lens Calculations in 0.25D Increments 1600 Lens Database
Formulas: Binkhorst Regression-II Theoretic/T Holladay Hoffer- QHaigis
A-Scan Standard A-Scan Probe for Hand-Held, Immersion,
Specifications B-Scan:
Probe Transducer Frequency: 12MHz
Tools Adjustable Zoom Pan, and Area Select Brightness and Contrast Control Near/Mid/Far Gain Control On-Screen Annotation
Clips Up to 100 Frames(.wmv) 256 Level Gray Scale
Measurements Distance: Multiple Calipers Precision: 0.046 mm Angle: Multiple Calipers and Vertex Precision: 1/2°
Resolution Electronic: 0.015mm (max) Clinical: 0.1mm
Data Management Frame (.bmp or.jpg) Video Clips up to 100 Frames (.wmv)
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