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Auto Lens Edger

This new model LE-310 is the first model that uses waterproof keyboard, LE-310 is equipped with GL & CR wheels and automatically computerizes the transformation of the water spring( PC wheel is available upon request, the model # is LE-310 (P)).The stable quality assures the size of lens (left and right) is uniform and improves the precision of working.
Matrix auto lens edger
Technical Specifications
Cut-Grinding Clamp: 0.5-0.78MP
Workable Diameter:Ø23-Ø80
Glossiness: B<Viii
Grinding Shape: lnward(Face)>96%; Outward>99%
Noise: <60DB
Grinding Wheel maximum: Linear Velocity 15m/Sec. (3 Shift Gears)
Grinding Wheel Diameter: Ø100-Ø125
Grinding Wheel Chamber: 60-100mm
Power Supply: AC 220V/50-60HZ
Main Machine Power:<350 W
Working Environment Temperature:5o C-40o C
Dimension: 488x480x410 mm
Weight: 50 Kg
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